Monday, April 23, 2007

april, come she will

Saw Josh over the weekend--even played the part of the generous dad and bought him blank CDs so he could burn and mail his April compilation, which he says is a little edgy. Look for The Fugs, among others.

Thirty or forty years ago would any of us thought we'd have a kid listening to music like that?!?!?!?



Jozeppi said...

Yo LameAss!

Are you trying to freak out my dog or what? Orchestral Ornette Coleman? The Fugs? I get it... no maps.... no direction home.... Zepster

jparsh said...

The list will be mailed tomorrow.

In the meantime...

1.Fugs-Wide River or River of Shit
2.Vaselines-The Day I was a Horse
4.Sticky Fingas-Oh My God
5.Naftule Brandwein-Roumenishe Doina
6.Ornette Coleman-The Good Life
7.Shuggie Otis-Island Letter
8.Devo-Beautiful World
9.Yo La Tengo-Mr. Tough
10.Blind Willie Johnson-Dark Was the Night
11.Built to Spill-The Weather
12.The dB's-Bad Reputation
13.Dead Prez-They Schools
15.Bob & Marcia-Young Gifted and Black
16.Cibo Matto-Beef Jerky
17.The Whyte Boots-Nightmare
18.Joe Bataan-Ordinary Guy
19.TMBG-Kiss Me, Son of God
20.Pauly Shore-Bank

I started a bd club with some of my friends, and they've been sending out the cds sans playlist so that the recipient has to listen for awhile and be suprised before getting the artists and tracks. I thought it would be interesting to do that with this group. I don't know if this is how I like things to be done all the time, but I wanted to try it out.

I think the tracks speak for themselves, more or less.

P.S. If you're ever in Lawrence make sure to stop by Love Garden for CD's or Vinyl, they've been supplying me with the good stuff lately. MMMMMMMM.

MMM said...

I love the juxtaposition of some of the songs you included. Enjoyed.