Saturday, February 17, 2007


Thanks to Paul for setting up the blog, a much faster means of communication than postcard.

I thought myself aware of a great deal of music. I have been in seven of these clubs now and am surprised monthly and surprised greatly.

I love the mix that many of them have had, from age 14 to 60, Cuban Jazz to Metal, old friends to people I will never meet.

Only one of seven clubs didn't make it all the way through, the few late cd's then seemed to be the best as people tried to make up for their lateness. I also have had several folks be inspired to send me other CD mixes outside the club, such as Tim sending his 67 CD. If any of you missed it, he offered to send it to you and I recommend you take him up on it.

This is the first CD club to go a second round, I'm looking forward to it, thanks Glenda.

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