Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tonight's The Night- Feb '07 Tim

Tonight’s the Night
Feb. ’07 BCD

1. Before the Beginning Fleetwood Mac
Closing tune on Then Play On, when the band was still Peter Green’s and British blues was alive and well.

2. Me and My Friend the Cat Loudon Wainwright III
Opening song on the second album; I picture Flanagan speeding.

3. My Town Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel
I first heard Anna Fermin on Joan’s mix for the club in December ’05.

4. Brand New Cadillac The Clash
From London Calling, for a touch of punk.

5. Inflammatory Writ Joanna Newsom
I took this cut from Milk-Eyed Mender because everything on Ys is so long! Thanks to Josh for introducing me to someone who seems to merge The Incredible String Band with Bjork.

6. Chitlin con Carne Junior Wells
Classic Chicago blues from the Hoodoo Man Blues album (with Buddy Guy).

7. Gloria Patti Smith
I rediscovered Horses this past year, and like it much better now than when it was new. And since I didn’t include any Van Morrison, this song at least hints in his direction.

8. Revolver Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
The Ballad of the Broken Seas is one of my favorite albums from 2006.

9. Tonight’s the Night Neil Young
Okay, so no Van, no Springsteen … I had to include one of my big three.

10. Junkie Chase Curtis Mayfield
From the Superfly soundtrack, a thematic follow-up to “Tonight’s the Night.”

11. Eisenhower Blues J. B. Lenoir
I’d heard about J. B. Lenoir—first from John Mayall’s “I’m Gonna Fight for You, J. B.,” on The Turning Point in 1969, but hadn’t heard him directly till I saw the Wim Wenders film about him in Scorsese’s blues series a few years ago.

12. The Future Leonard Cohen
Not just the old folky of “Suzanne” fame, with the title cut from a hot CD (1992).

13. I’m Your Man Nick Cave
Title cut to the Cohen tribute movie/CD, which features Wainwright kids and Teddy Thompson, among others.

14. Socks on Ears Michael Andrews
From the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years, Me and You and Everyone We Know.

15. Pump It Up Elvis Costello and the Attractions
—because Rick started the club, because he’s an Elvis fan, and because Rick pumps up about everything he gets involved with!

16. Wicked Messenger Bob Dylan
From John Wesley Harding, one of first two or three albums I ever bought and still one of my favorites.

17. Could We Cat Power
Get her Covers Record as well as The Greatest.

18. Summersong The Decemberists
More new music from 2006.

19. Breakdown Porlolo
This band comes from Colorado; my daughter introduced me to the group a month ago.

20. Matty Groves Fairport Convention
Liege and Lief is a classic album, and this tune is a bit of rockin’ traditional British folk, with Sandy Denny singing and Richard Thompson on guitar.

21. Razor Dance Richard Thompson
A hot cut from you? me? us? (1996).

22. The Mess We’re In P. J. Harvey with Thom Yorke
On the cover photo to Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000), Harvey looks a lot like our rabbi’s wife; their lives are probably a lot different.


MMM said...

Tim- High five to you for letting you kids experience the amazing Fleetwood Mac (vs. the commercial Fleetwood Mac. Thanks for getting us off to a great start with this CD!

Tim said...

You're welcome. They've learned some music from me, and I get new stuff back from them--a touch of symbiosis, I suppose.

Biskit said...

Funny, I have returned to listening to English Rose and Then Play On lately. I always like those records and then Fleetwood Mac came to play at Colgate where Tim and I went to school. I had only heard the early stuff and then the Christine McVie era Bare Trees Future Games music. I had not heard the Lindsay Buckingham material. I remember walking in late to the show, moving quickly into the show thinking maybe some opening band was on, then seeing Stevie Nicks singing and waving some diaphanous gown around. I stared in disbelief that this was Fleetwood Mac, exclaimed loudly WHAT THE FUCK? and turned and left.

Biskit said...

The other sad thing about Fleetwood Mac is that all the guitarists pretty much lost their minds. Peter Green one of the best blues guitarists ever turned crazy Jesus freak, wearing robes and giant crucifixes on stage and then leaving music and pretty much living in a stupor at his family's home. Jeremy Spencer literally disappeared while they were on tour and landed in the Jesus cult, The Children of God and made some god-awful records after that. Danny Kirwan also ended in a loony bin. Bob Welch didn't do very well either and battled drug addiction, etc.

Biskit said...

as for turning kids on to music. I'm on to my second group of kids at home. The first I had to decide to let my records get scratched or not played, and I'm glad they got scratched because my kids all have interesting taste in music.

Now the kids at home scratch the cd's, lose them and put then all over the place, anywhere but back in the proper case. Small price to pay for music in the home. Ivy put together her CD for another club today and it is very interesting. I have had cd's from Tim's son Josh, he clearly has interesting taste in music, rock on.

Tim said...

Regarding Fleetwood Mac guitarists: Peter Green came back to life and has produced some decent stuff--look for the Peter Green Splinter Group. I've got one album ("Destiny Road," from '99, which a friend referred to as "what Eric Clapton should be doing these days."

Jozeppi said...

Tim- Gave your BCD several listens on our recent trip to Schenectady (checking out Union College and Skidmore for Jonah) the FleetwoodMac song is my favorite- hadn't heard it since college days- I sorta forgot there was an original incarnation of FMac as I was so turned off by the bleeting sheep version of pop radio. Rick- I can just imagine you at that concert!
Speaking of guitarists who went away... I like early Cat Stevens stuff (first few albums)- he split the scene and got religion Koranstyle- whatever happened to him?
BTW... is Bob Zimmy still born again? is Paul still dead?